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A sincere welcome, wishing you infinite peace and serenity, dear souls

The Way of Return is an infinite gift


primo abbraccio della vita

An universal and aware "instrument" which is born as service for Peace, Light and Unconditional Love, to help all those souls who in their life are seeking the truth and above all for those souls who on the contrary are getting into troubles.

The sole aim why this universal initiative is born, is to allow and freely diffuse the possibility of experiencing the encounter with the truth, intended and lived as the aware perception of an ever new joy and the daily manifestation of a present living in the infinite Providence. When this happens we call it:

The Soul Awakening
Consciousness of Universal Fraternity
an infinite gift to go along the earthly journey

For each sincere and grateful seeker of truth, this goal or this aim are real and possible, gradually, by voluntarily choosing to live in daily listening to the Unique and Universal Principle, or Unconditional Love, as it is the only law which permeates, sustains and nourishes the entire universe.

It’s a wonderful existential condition which donates a serene living, and a clearness which sweetly drives you over each obstacle, by bringing again and keeping you always in union and harmony with all creatures.

Gradually, it’s reachable a present and aware living in which...
...the personal suffering has no longer reason to exist



Infinito dono, un infinito amore

Today, The Way of Return, to reach everybody and allow to everyone to freely experience and live this goal, acts daily in the light and in the aware love, by helping and driving each sincere soul, in the gradually training of a daily listening to the Unique and Universal Principle, and that by proposing:

  • the birth of a training & applicative portal
  • the permanent creation of conferences, meetings, courses and life paths, when they are requested
  • the realization of various projects, jointly with the collaboration of all souls who gradually consider the rising and diffusion of this universal initiative, as the right acting to concretely allow an aware return to a living in the Peace, in the Light and in the Love, in harmony and respect with all creatures.

The Way of Return
considers the whole creation as the Universal Fraternal family
We believe the soul has no age, colour or belief…
for that reason The Way of Return is open to everybody



The Way of Return dear souls wishes you always
Endless Love gradual and aware each day of your life...


Waiting for the New Portal and for the information

whose we became aware with the teacher during the winter to start the third and last phase
of Mother Home’s renovation works, in union with the Unique and Universal Principle...

We feel our life changing and our soul rejoicing
with true moments, of Peace, Light and Love…
always new gifts of fraternal awareness

Only a soul who does not look for anything for herself... if not to see the others really happy
may offer so tangible love just with her daily example

… who appears in the eyes of society anything but a teacher…

Thanks for existing and for having started your manifest mission from the central Italy
with the building of the first Mother Home
an infinite gift for humanity





To live

in the not voluntary knowledge of God
because we choose to look for Him and to know Him
freely in our own way

It could lead us to doubt and to failure in our interpretation
and to let us believing that
the case exists


The case does not exist, because God does exist
“The Unique and Universal Principle”
God is not a case because He is
Endless Love without conditions

but He could become a case
if we would try to understand Him
He would become so incomprehensible and
that makes us falling back in doubt
by believing that case exists
and on the contrary … it is not in that way.


 our not voluntarily or personal knowledge of God
rests the source of all illusions and the reason
of all sufferingor if you prefer… the Mother
of any Illness and pain.









Dear souls
your number and your demands of information
in relation to the message and to the activities developed by The Way of Return
are increasing day after day

For that reason we asked to Gianfranco dear teacher
the availability to help us to make a new portal
even simpler and clearere.

That video introduces to the « renewal »

 Dear teacher you who are each day in the situation of welcoming the requests of help
more or less aware of so many souls who reach you as gifts
(as you always like to remind)
through the providence

we ask you: how is usually their attitudes
in which general behaviour they arrive to you


« Chères âmes je vous répondrai simplement avec une pensée »

“Dear soul, never be discouraged… you know maybe things
are not really and properly as they may seem to you today

It’s not late, it’s never too late…
because the Infinite and Unconditional Love exists
start now, start now to set out for the Way which teaches the listening…
which teaches how to listen to and which clothes with light the love you are

The Love you clothed in white when, maybe by not knowing it, you were really missing it
The Way which teaches you to find it again among all the colours of the real Peace
which will be present to you at first on The Way of Return
by offering you gradually the gift
of its presence”


The choice is up to us

To fight each day with illusion
and the consequent suffering for a personal and subjective acting
that will never understand and contain Him.

to voluntarily include Him in our life and to really know His Love...
… without any further personal & convenient interpretation


By including intuitively and by welcoming in an aware way and with gratitude
day after day as free choice that endless gift, it opens

for the soul

an earthly path serene and aware in the joyful providence and…
…The Way of Return to Unconditionated and Eternal Love

The unique True and aim of each life.


Infinite peace dear souls, wishing you a peaceful and fruitful navigation.   Gianfranco Cardellicchio

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